Wishful Thinking

Wishful thinking is the formation of beliefs and making decisions according to what might be pleasing to imagine instead of by appealing to evidence, rationality, or reality.


All these while being with you, I always thought you have already moved on from her, not meaning you totally forgot abt her and the times you had with her but in the sense that you have accepted the fact that she isn’t part of your life anymore and have either talked abt it with someone and stuff. Apparently this is all just wishful thinking on my part, didnt even look for the signs that you are not over her and I am just here like a rebound but not a rebound. Hurts like hell discovering it this way, especially after all this. Thought we would have amounted to something promising but noo, ain’t even being given a chance for it actually it’s more of you not giving yourself chances for it. Sucks so much right now. I asked about her and all you could say is 5 years leh. I mean if you told me all these earlier like you still have her picture in your wallet, it wouldn’t have hurted so much *i think*  Think of it like this, what would you have felt if you know I’m still keeping a picture of me and my ex in my wallet and then replied you the same thingyou replied me. WHat would you have felt? maybe nothing at all i guess. Won’t be suprised.

You never want to talk about yourself, whenever i ask you’ll just direct it back to me and this is also my fault, i talk alittle too much with people im comfortable with. It sucks knowing that i know nothing about you and can’t get you to talk. While you know my past, the part of me no one else knows about. Sucks alot. And you do know me, you know how easily I can break even though I don’t show. Now I’m telling you, I’m breaking. I’m reaching my limit. It’s gonna be the end. I don’t think I’ll live till my graduation haha. Doubt anyone would even realise this, cos I’m everybody’s little optimistic girl, always trying to spin a bad situation into a good one. Maybe everyone will realise it too late and when they realise it, it will be at my funeral seeing me lying there all battered and bruised or maybe you wont even see me cos im too splattered to be shown…